Karate For Mental Health


Hello and welcome to the Karate for Mental Health Seminar page. 

Thank you for your interest in this seminar, please read carefully the description of the event below and use the form to sign up if you would like to support our cause.

Karate for Mental Health is an annual event organised by myself, Les Bubka, and fellow karate-ka in support of mental wellbeing. This year I decided to apply a few changes. In previous years we have raised money for a variety of charities however in some cases I have been disappointed with how those charities have then gone on to handle and distribute the raised funds. So, after consultation with other instructors, members and friends I have created a Karate for Mental Health Programme within my club. Where I actively raise funds that are then used to enable students in need to attend training.

I work in cooperation with local government, sponsoring companies, and private supporters. We have a growing number of students that have been negatively impacted by COVID and need support. If you think that this cause resonates with you and you would like to help us raise some money, there are few ways that you can do this: 

a) Register and join in the KFMH Seminar

b) Grab some merchandise via our shop page

c) Drop us a donation via PayPal - donate

This year the KFMH Seminar will be held on the 21st of November from 11 am till 6 pm at the Dev Barrett's Karate and Kickboxing (ECKA Coventry) and will be restricted to 40 local participants, COVID restrictions permitting.  However, we will also be running the seminar concurrently online via Zoom for those that are unable or do not wish to attend in person.  For the latest updates and place availability please check our Facebook page.

Instructors who will be kindly donating their time for this event are: Tracey Radley, John Johnston, John Titchen, Don Came, Brian Bates, Les Bubka and Dev Barrett.

We will cover a range of topics and I hope that all will find something interesting. 

The cost to attend the seminar will be £30 per person.  Please note that if you are financially constrained, but would still like to attend the seminar, please contact me directly.

See you there!